All texts by the Foamtoucher, aka Che except Morocco 2015 contains various gimmicks and quotations of Chuck Palahniuk in Lullaby, Choke & Fight Club, Morocco 2014 contains excerpts of Sympathy For The Devil by the Rolling Stones, Sketches Of Gwaien contains an extract of the song Grand Canyon by Tracey Thorn and a quotation of Elfriede Jelinek, Brazil 2010 contains a quotation of Yukio Mishima, Greece 2009 contains a wink to Robert Blondel - Zotos l'Athénien, FWI 2008 contains an excerpt of Never Let Me Down Again by Depeche Mode, home introduction remixes quotations from Montaigne, Robert Louis Stevenson, Romain Gary, Michel Tremblay.

All photos by Che except Morocco 2014 > Yassine Abdo (Rasta Waves) / Che, Greece 2009 > Elodie / Che, Thailand 2009 > Elodie / Alain / Che, French West Indies 2008 > Didier / Che, Mada I > Elodie / Alain / Che, Seychelles 2006 > Elodie / Philippe F. / Che, BZH > Koko / Didier / Bernardo / Che

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Response to musical quizz in Mada I : Alex Gopher, Daft Punk, Laurent Wolf feat. Emilio Vega, Royksopp, Trisomie 21, Dead Can Dance, Groove Armada, Radio4, Etienne de Crécy, Das Glow, Trisomie 21, Le Dust Sucker, Craig Armstrong, Groove Armada.

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